Saturday, March 22, 2014


It has been an extensive time since I’ve used this olden blog. I’ve had to clear the cobwebs, and dust the crevices from time’s accumulation of dust and neglect.

I’m incensed, so I felt I’d climb to the loft of this old room, and vent it out, like my indignation; airing it out, until the columns of dust and dirt are swept away.

What is the collateral damage born of a physician’s burn out? I can tell you some of what I know. The damage is far reaching. It’s the physician’s health, his/her livelihood, his/her family, his/her reputation, and the patients he/she cared for – left displaced with no where to turn. Finding themselves cast out; disavowed of any direction.

The establishment only knows to push and prod, insurance companies delayed and denied, paperwork protracted on, with a lintel of reports and requests. There was just an endless stream of demands, needs and wants from various portals. The system designed to crush the average man, and purview them beyond the functions achievable of mortal men. So…they crack.

I feel for these souls, depleted beyond their years. My anger lies with the management that becomes aware of these struggling individuals, and makes a lame attempt to “help” them; but instead thrusts them back in the trenches as soon as possible, with little to any truly helpful intervention. Those are the secrets they keep behind their meetings with HR and Employee Health. The burned out will become immersed in having to find their footing, and save their livelihoods for an ungrateful den of marauders, carefully hidden beneath tailored suits, and crisp white linens.

Now we all must start again; nothing familiar, safe or rewarding in the process. One is left trying to piece together a life from among the ruins, while the rest are left wondering where to turn. Not one person in the equation wins. Not one. Help needs to come sooner, and help needs to be real.


Jabulani said...

It is a sad fact of life that in some cases, people are expendable commodities to another's end. I/We may wish it otherwise til chocolate contains no calories, but I/we wish in vain. My heart bleeds for those broken folk who have no recourse but to struggle on or fall trying. To the fallen we should be able to say "Stay there awhile and mend. Then get up when you are stronger." Wouldn't that be a nice way to do things? Meh.

Chrysalis said...

I so agree, Jabulani. They need to mend. If only they were given the chance before they broke. I blame the establishment that continued to push on, and if they couldn't or wouldn't keep up then....well, I needn't say.

I like you, have decided to reopen for a bit and see how it goes. Venting here, is how I've managed to move forward.