Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Take Your Shoes Off and Stay a While

I’ve written a post to help you get to know me better, and give you some insight into who I am.

Somebody asked me recently what I do with my time. Well, first of all, I won’t have this much free time soon. I might not even manage to be on come September and October. Those are seriously crazy months for me.

On my profile page I list my interests. I do have a rather active social life, I just don’t write about it that much. I feel funny writing about other people if they have no say in it. Neither my friends, nor my family members know about my writing in such a public forum, so I don’t feel it’s fair to go on and on about them. I started this just for me, no one else. I wanted something totally of my own, that I put together. I have written about my one family member that I am worried for, but that’s pretty much about it.

I’m not a spinster held up on some remote hillside. I really do have a life, and a special someone that has given much to his community; he let’s me lean on him when I need to. I need someone like that. I’ve had to be strong and it isn’t an easy thing to hold up to day in and day out, for any of us. He’s a rescuer too, of course. Could you see me with anyone else? You know I would have to have my equal, and he would have to be a nice guy. I have many friends from all walks of life, all socio-economic backgrounds. They have to be good people, caring and trustworthy.

I chose my name Chrysalis Angel, because of the cancer diagnosis, and some attributes of my personality, i.e., being a gentle, caring soul. A chrysalis represents the final stage that an insect goes through before coming into its winged state. To me, it represents a change going from a physical form to a spiritual one. CA, when people abbreviated it – reminded me of the beast I’ve fought and the struggles I have been through. In the medical field we would use this abbreviation to represent the diagnosis in notes.

No, I’m not an angel. I am flesh and blood, human, and as fallible as anyone in our state. I am imperfect, and prone to mess up with some degree of regularity. I accept others for who they are and enjoy the differences, as long as they are not of the criminal element.

So now you know me better. Quite a few of you know all this about me already, but for those new or who pass by, they will know better whether they care to stay and visit for a while or keep moving. I wish those of you that need blessings – blessings, peace, health, comfort, prosperity and love in your life. Chrysalis

*If you don’t see photo credit on the photo, or with the photo, the photo is mine, as is this one.