Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I thought of her today

I thought of her today. I thought of her smile, and how she felt in my arms when we greeted each other after the long summer off. We always hugged each other when we’d been apart for any length of time. I thought of the cute way she always pronounced the word room as rum.

I missed her today. I’ve started back to work, and my girlfriend that passed away is not there for the first time. It’s strange how we know intellectually that someone has passed away, and yet we look for them still, in the surroundings we were so accustomed to seeing them in. We would always look for each other on our first day back. There’s a total mass of faculty and staff from all of our various buildings and departments; people just greeting one another and catching up quickly on how the summer went for everyone. If we were lucky, we’d find each other before we had to take our seats, but not this year.

She loved her job. I mean she loved it! She’s the one that talked me into this. She was always so sweet and so good with the kids, and she was funny as heck. We always laughed when we got together. She was a little like me, in the way we both could say something, meaning it in a disgusted kind of way, but it made anyone that heard it laugh, and then we'd laugh too.

Fireguy’s always telling me I’m funny when I’m mad, because I’ll say things straight out as I see them, but in a way I wouldn’t even know how to describe. I had a car mechanic tell him he thought I was a riot, because of some things I had to say when he quoted me the bill (a grand in repairs). I wasn’t laughing mind you. My friend was the same way. She had a way of just saying something funny when she was peeved.

I don’t know how much I’ll be posting, not that it would be noticed. Therapy out in the universe, what was I thinking? Right now I just want get some soup and pray I get through tomorrow. That’s all I want, just to get through tomorrow.