Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Take Your Shoes Off and Stay a While

I’ve written a post to help you get to know me better, and give you some insight into who I am.

Somebody asked me recently what I do with my time. Well, first of all, I won’t have this much free time soon. I might not even manage to be on come September and October. Those are seriously crazy months for me.

On my profile page I list my interests. I do have a rather active social life, I just don’t write about it that much. I feel funny writing about other people if they have no say in it. Neither my friends, nor my family members know about my writing in such a public forum, so I don’t feel it’s fair to go on and on about them. I started this just for me, no one else. I wanted something totally of my own, that I put together. I have written about my one family member that I am worried for, but that’s pretty much about it.

I’m not a spinster held up on some remote hillside. I really do have a life, and a special someone that has given much to his community; he let’s me lean on him when I need to. I need someone like that. I’ve had to be strong and it isn’t an easy thing to hold up to day in and day out, for any of us. He’s a rescuer too, of course. Could you see me with anyone else? You know I would have to have my equal, and he would have to be a nice guy. I have many friends from all walks of life, all socio-economic backgrounds. They have to be good people, caring and trustworthy.

I chose my name Chrysalis Angel, because of the cancer diagnosis, and some attributes of my personality, i.e., being a gentle, caring soul. A chrysalis represents the final stage that an insect goes through before coming into its winged state. To me, it represents a change going from a physical form to a spiritual one. CA, when people abbreviated it – reminded me of the beast I’ve fought and the struggles I have been through. In the medical field we would use this abbreviation to represent the diagnosis in notes.

No, I’m not an angel. I am flesh and blood, human, and as fallible as anyone in our state. I am imperfect, and prone to mess up with some degree of regularity. I accept others for who they are and enjoy the differences, as long as they are not of the criminal element.

So now you know me better. Quite a few of you know all this about me already, but for those new or who pass by, they will know better whether they care to stay and visit for a while or keep moving. I wish those of you that need blessings – blessings, peace, health, comfort, prosperity and love in your life. Chrysalis

*If you don’t see photo credit on the photo, or with the photo, the photo is mine, as is this one.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder whether one can make a guess about people from the type of shoes they wear! I saw the shoes first and thought, what cute, fun dancing shoes, and then quickly absorbing the way they were casually positioned, thought simultaneously, hey! I bet whoever wears them is fun and gentle....I know it was a gross generalisation and I should not judge a person by their looks (I try not to and always check myself if I find myself doing it...yes, I too am an imperfect human) but I saw picture, did equation in head, then brain engaged and thought, became conscious, read your post and thought, "H'mm, was I right or was i right?" ;) Glad to hear you have another good caring soul to look after you, Chrysalis. I really love the photograph, really!

(Oh dear, did you follow all that above, or did I put more wine in the cook than in the casserole??)

Chrysalis said...

I think maybe you can tell a bit about a person by the shoes they wear. I can hear the podiatrists now...saying "yes, I can tell- I'll see you in my office eventually." :O

You can also tell what I do after a long day, when I get through the door. (I do put them away after I've collapsed for a bit.)

I should have used the picture to see what people would deduct of me from them....mmm you may be on to something Orcadia...I should have used them as a game to see, who came the closest to knowing me from looking at the photo.

I follow you, wine or no wine ha,ha..silly girl.

Rositta said...

Without seeing the shoes,and without knowing you, I knew most of this about you, with the exception of the caring person in your life. That makes me happy...

Cathy said...

I knew what a caring and giving person you were. I feel blessed to have this blog friendship with you.

I'm also happy there is a special someone in your life. How could we ever handle all of life's trials, without someone holding us up from time to time?

Chrysalis said...

Hi Rositta! yes, I guess I am pretty transparent in my writing, aren't I?
Nice to see you again.

Hi Cathy, and I you! Yes, we can't get through everything on our own. I have lost so many people in my life, it's great that I do still have others that are here in Real time I can talk to. Dr. A. sometimes talks about our blog friends and our real life friends, I'd say both are "real" at any rate, both matter.

Visionary & Medium Extraordinaire said...

you say at one point in your post: "No, I'm not an angel....I'm imperfect and prone to mess up...."

The more spiritual I have become, the more awerness I gain with the work that I do. I agree Angels are beings radiating light (sorry Angels don't have wings, birds have wings, what people refer to as wings is the radiation of vibrant light, that's all)
I do believe though that there are people that can simulate Angels, as they become Angel like because of who they genuinly are, and what they're all about.
In a way ChrysAngel you are an Angel, to so many people that you touch lives and hearts with your stories. You are Angel like, because you give people hope, with talking about your endurance.

Then you say that you're imperfect. This is something that I always disagree with, and it makes me so sad that people would believe that they're not perfect just the way they are. Who is to judge, except themselves.

I honestly with all my being do not believe, rather I know in the core of my soul, that God only creates perfection. And that we're all perfect just the way we are.

We do sometimes trip, and we get back on our feet with the help of God's strength.
Even people that we see as not being very kind. I think that God sends them to us, so that we may recognize what true kindness is. The not so kind people have given up their lifepath, they've sacrificed their lives to teach us kindness.

Chrysalis Angel, you are perfect just the way you are, because you are God's creation.
Nobody is imperfect, and if they're pointing the fingers at others, they're pointing 3 back at themselves and the thumb is pointing at God, saying that she/he is imperfect.

You are a lovely Beautiful Human Being, God's creation in it's own perfection!

SeaSpray said...

Cute shoes!

I enjoyed your post and I knew most of this although I didn't know about the Chrysalis Angel and had wondered why you chose it. I love that blog name and you have felt like an angel at times.

Did someone say wine and casserole? yum!

Chrysalis said...

Hello V&M E, Angels are spiritual beings indeed, not in physical form, rank has it's privileges: Exodus 25:20, Isaiah 6:2

Your right, I am exactly how God created me to be. I am but the clay and God the potter. My reference was regarding my slipping every now and then from being here in this broken world. The body is corrupt, until I shed this, I can't always vibrate on that higher plane shall we say?

"Even people that we see as not being very kind. I think that God sends them to us, so that we may recognize what true kindness is" Indeed they are sent to us and we into their lives, when the time is right. I agree with this. Both grow and become what they were meant to be from the exchange. Not necessarily instantly, but over time. The change can come long after the other withdraws from their life. A lot like taking a pot roast out of the oven and walking is still cooking from the heat left behind.(Sorry Seaspray - your hunger was not lost on me.)

Thank you so much for commenting, you say the sweetest things like my other friends here do. Each of you encourage me as well.

Seaspray, I'm aware of what you've been going through. Get something to eat now dear friend. Let me know how you're feeling, and keep me posted on the diagnosis. You had a very long, drawn out wait. It stinks to be the patient!